Quality Assurance & Control

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Quality Planned

The first step in quality is planning. To plan, quality must be defined and understood by all stakeholders. Inherent fungibility in construction materials and scope and scale of modern projects require great experience and foresight from quality planners. The architects, contractors and the owner must be committed to integrating quality into all processes.

Quality Monitored

Once quality is planned, it needs to be monitored at every stage from concept to final acceptance. We not just document deficiencies, we actively coach all parties involved to identify errors and deviations to allow immediate corrective actions. Our state-of-the-art inspection methods are used at each and every phase to ensure deviations are corrected and value is generated. 

Quality Delivered 

Quality expected and quality delivered can vary if quality planning and quality monitoring are executed without integration. Our experts employ a Total Quality Management system to plan, monitor and deliver quality as per the expectations of all stakeholders. Maintaining quality through contingencies, disputes and delays is our prowess.


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